Academic Arrangements for NCUK Hangzhou Internati
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    Since the semester began, we have shared activities here, displayed NCUK's core teaching materials and now we would like to give a brief explanation of UK universities’ academic arrangements. Let's start by considering a typical academic structure of a foreign university, which would generally be divided into two parts i.e. research and teaching. Each would usually be led by a Pro Vice-Chancellor (PVC). One is Research Excellence Framework and the other one is Teaching Excellence Framework.

    Each country will also have arrangements for assuring and enhancing the quality of teaching. In the UK, the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) was introduced by the UK Government in 2017 and classifies universities into three categories: gold, silver and bronze, mainly based on university’s input and support in teaching and learning. The TEF encourages universities and academics not only to focus on research but also to consider the quality of teaching, sharing cutting-edge knowledge with students.

Now here are some TEF core teachers in NCUK Hangzhou.

01   EAP

Mr Douglas Quaid

    Mr Douglas Quaid has MA in Applied Linguistics from the University of Birmingham and a PgCert in Teaching and Supporting Learning in Higher Education from the University of Liverpool. He also has qualification of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. Mr Douglas Quaid is very experienced in teaching and management, including experience in teaching sessions relates to BALEAP accredited postgraduate  programme, being supervisor for students in MA Applied Linguistics & MA TESOL Distance Module of University of Birmingham, as well as  working as an IELTS examiner for the British Council. Meanwhile, he focuses on developing his research, acting as academic reviewer for the journal Language and Education (UK) and continually publishing articles on international academic journals and conferences.

02  Math

Dr. Adams

    Dr. Adams’s thesis won the faculty prize for the best Ph.D. of the year. He has been engaged in school and university teaching and management of mathematics and statistics in the UK and Southeast Asia for nearly 30 years and has developed a number of professional courses and teaching materials. Dr. Adams is also involved in developing curriculum for K12 with the Northern Ireland Education Agency Directorate, as well as various data analysis projects, and has shared his experience and achievements on a number of international teaching platforms.

03 Business studies

Dr. Gulzar

    Dr. Gulzar has been teaching and managing programmes with university from China, France, the UK and New Zealand, subjects include business management, finance and economics, taxation, accounting, etc. Dr. Gulzar has received numerous academic awards from the Ministry of Education and other authoritative bodies in China for the achievements from his teaching and research, including a numerals journal and conference publications.

04 Industrial engagement

Ms Allan-Pattoglia

    Ms. Allan-Pattoglia has been working for IUT2 GEA in France for nearly 20 years and teaches and manages the university's global student exchange programme. Ms. Allan-Pattoglia provides students a great international platform for internships and exchange studies in various sectors in Europe, Asia and America. Ms. Allan-Pattoglia was also involved in designing the University’s“European Entrepreneur” programme.

05  Economics

Mr Jewison 

    Mr Jewison gained MSc in International Development from the University of Birmingham. He has over a decade teaching and management experience and has taught on a number of UK university courses. Before being a lecturer, Mr Jewison was the manager of HMV, a well-established UK audio-visual entertainment company.

    Above has illustrated the academic arrangement for NCUK Hangzhou International Study Centre. If you would like to meet us to discuss your future or potential collaboration please do not hesitate to contact us or come and visit the Centre. Don’t miss this great opportunity, scan the QR code below right now! The Masterclasses are waiting for you!