Progression Route

NCUK Hangzhou Center offers students a range of learning pathways and the opportunity to proceed to one of NCUK's world-class universities.

Undergraduate students can choose to continue their studies at one of the NCUK after completing one or two years of study in Hangzhou (i.e. 2+2 or 1+3) and, at the end of their studies, they will be awarded a Bachelor's degree. They may then be eligible to apply to stay and undertake a Masters degree.

Students who choose to take the Pre-Master's Programme(PMP) at NCUK Hangzhou Centre can, on successful completion, proceed to an NCUK university to undertake a Masters degree. At the end of the programme, the Masters degree will be awarded by the university and the student may be eligible to stay and apply for a PhD.

Bachelor's degree in Business:

Major Direction Corresponding majors admitted by overseas universities (part) Notes
Business MBA Accept both art and science students
Management and Human Resources
Management and Marketing
International Business
International Business Studies
International Business and Management
Business Study
Business Research
Business Management
Business and Management
Business Management and Sports
Business and Financial Management

Bachelor's degree in Art & Design:

Major Direction Corresponding majors admitted by overseas universities (part) Notes
Art and Design Product Design Accept both art and science students
Textile Design
Art History
Plane Design
Fashion Design
Fashion Design and Technology
Art History
Art and Design

Pre-Master's Programme(PMP):

Major Direction Corresponding majors admitted by overseas universities (part) Notes
Unlimited Media Studies Should be related to previous study or work experience
Electrical Engineering
Public Management
International Commercial Law
Computer Science
Data Science
Fashion Design
Sports Management
Civil Engineering
Information System Management
The English Teaching
Art History

Learning pathways

Bachelor degree:

Students are free to complete their four-year undergraduate studies in China and overseas in stages according to the prescribed learning path. They will then obtain a Bachelor's degree from the overseas university. This unique education model aims to help students maximise the benefits of higher education resources in China and internationally and expand their international perspective during their undergraduate and/or postgraduate study.

• 2+2 Bachelor, i.e. two years in Hangzhou + two years in NCUK partner university

• 1+3 Bachelor, i.e. 1 year in Hangzhou +3 years in NCUK partner university

• Pre-Master's Programme(PMP) – duration depend on level of English language proficiency on entry (e.g. 3 moths or 9 months) and then proceed to an NCUK partner university for 1 year.