Frequently Asked Questions

1. What courses does Hangzhou Centre offer?

• International Foundation Year in Business
• International Foundation Year in Art and Design
• Pre-Master Programme with major unlimited.

2. What are the learning pathways?

• 2+2 Bachelor's degree, i.e. 2 years in Hangzhou and 2 years in an international university
• 1+3 Bachelor's degree i.e. 1 year in Hangzhou and 3 years in an international university
• Pre-Masters Programme – 3 months or 9 months depending on level of English language proficiency on entry. On successful completion, students can independently choose the learning pathway according to the major they are interested in and the university at which they wish to study.

3. What are the NCUK?

NCUK are all public universities and include some of the most prestigious universities in the world, e.g. in the UK, University of Manchester, University of Bristol, University of Sheffield, University of Birmingham, University of Leeds; outside of the UK, the University of Auckland, the University of Western Australia and other world-renowned universities, known for their first-class teaching and research. Each NCUK university has its own world-class specialisms, please consult the website of your preferred university and discuss with staff at the NCUK Hangzhou Centre.

4. What are the degree classifications of British universities ?

Three-year undergraduate degrees in British universities are classified as follows:.
• First-class honours degree (average score 70 points are over)
• Upper Second Class honours degree (average score: 60-69)
• Lower Second Class honours degree (average score: 50-59)
• Third Class honours (average score: 40-49) The higher education system has a passing mark of 40 out of 100 for Undergraduate programmes and 50 out of 100 is passing mark for Postgraduate programmes.

5. What degree certificates will students receive after graduation?

Upon successful graduation and completion of credits, students will receive a Bachelor's degree or Master's degree directly from the overseas university at which a student studied.

6. Is there any difference between the degree certificates obtained by NCUK students and those obtained by British students?

Upon completion of the study, students receive a degree directly from a British university, which is no different from the degree obtained by British students. Note: NCUK partner universities are not all British but are also in countries including USA, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

7. NCUK Hangzhou Centre is an all-English teaching centre. Will the English requirements for students be very high?

Due to the implementation of all-English teaching, students need to have certain comprehensive English application ability, intended, also, to ensure all students can proceed to and succeed at their chosen university. The requirements are as follows:

8. Is it necessary to take IELTS or other English tests before going abroad?

Students undertake EAP (English for Academic Purposes) as part of their course and, on successful completion, do not need to take another language test such as IELTS or TOEFL before going abroad.